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Nov. 15th, 2009

Ugh being sick blows. It's just a cold (with extra! sinus congestion), so I'm sick enough to not want to do much but not sick enough to just sleep, so I'm bored as hell. Also, decongestants apparently make me wired at 2 am. I almost wish I had H1N1 so I could get out of classes legitimately, but I really need to get cracking on finals prep (one month! Oh help, philosophy paper, also I really need to ace my Animal Phys final).

I did successfully cook tapioca pudding from scratch using uncooked tapioca and not the "instant" (pre-cooked) kind. It's actually not much harder, you just have to be patient enough to let the pearls soak for hours before you cook the pudding, and cook it longer.

Um. Yes. That is my update for the day.

Nota Bene: Do not watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season five episode The Body at 2 am when you are ill, you will sob like a moron and have to go downstairs and hug your mother while blubbing about Mommy No Die, and she will tell you she's not planning on it and to please stop getting your rhinovirus infested snot all over her.

This makes me happier than anything ever

Sep. 12th, 2009

Could somebody please write a vampire not-necessarily-romance in which the vampire is the girl (and it's not lesbians)? Yeah, I know, bad boys and sex metaphors and blah blah blah, but really, it's old. Let's try flipping it at least a little, please?

Wow, that was eloquent.

My Brother is Sort Of Amazing Sometimes

He left his Essential Fantastic Four on the table and I picked it up. We were discussing the idiocy of Johnny Storm flaming on in his car, and then moved on to his sister:

Me: Well, at least she's the Invisible Woman. That's not too disruptive...
Phip: Girl. She's the Invisible Girl.
Me: Oh, that's riiight. When does she get to be the Invisible Woman?
Phip: Second Wave feminism? *thinks* Wouldn't that have been around then, though...?
Me: Hmmm.
Phip: Don't we have Third Wave... wait, no, that's ska. We have Third Wave ska.
...I get ska and feminism confused.

He's special.

Random rant is random

So, I'm a member of a student organization, which is one of many across the country (and a few others), and this past weekend my chapter and another co-hosted our section's yearly service-oriented conference at my university. These conferences involve workshops and networking and blah blah blah blah, and also silly things, like competition between chapters in a pageant-style contest. In drag. It's very cute and a lot of fun, actually - each chapter nominates a woman to be "Mr." and a man to be "Ms." and they get dressed up and do a silly talent and introduce the particular cause their chapter has chosen to focus on, and then there's voting - people put money in the relevant jars, the money goes to charity, etc.

So at the meeting last night, some slides of the event were shown, and when some photos of the contest came up, we were told that, oh, by the way, this was on Facebook, but it shouldn't be, and were admonished not to put up any photos of the competition on Facebook or MySpace because it might interfere with someone getting a job down the line.


If you can't get a job with a company because HR found photos of you in (not even very good) drag from a silly competition you took part in in college, for a community-service-oriented organization, that is not a company worth working for (and they may possibly be breaking laws).

I really like this organization, but sometimes I feel like I really don't belong. (It's actually kind of strange - a large chunk of our chapter is Queer in some way, and yet I was the only one when we worked the Academy of Friends gala who had an awesome time with the drag queens (and I really wanted to sock Brian for complaining constantly about maybe, possibly, being vaguely hit on by a very drunk man).)
Yahoo! Mail:

Why must you torment me so?

Stop running ads for Domino's Oven Baked Sandwiches AT ONCE.


Last night there was pan-fried sole and steamed aspargus and delicious crusty bread and I couldn't eat ANY of it. All I can have is cold mushy things, and even those are uncomfortable.

I does mean that I had, basically, a milkshake and pudding cups for dinner last night (and I tried to eat some mashed avocado but stupid me put some spice in it and it stung even through the gauze). Which is one of those childhood dreams that is not realy so awesome when you get to actually do it.

BUT I WANT BREAD. I can't even have *hot* mushy things until this evening, and I'm kind of cold and shivery from all the refrigerated mush (and probably from the Lortab (though I'm not taking much) and because I slept badly and because my face is hot compared to the rest of me except when I have the ice pack on).

Oh, yeah, I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. All four of them. The surgeon and his team were awesome (and expensive, holy crap, but I went where my regular dentist referred me, because he's awesome and I trust him and he's been my dentist since I was a baby, except for the nine years I spent living on the other side of the country), but, you know, they still cut four teeth out of my mouth. Also, he does the worst Arnold Schwartzenegger impression ever.

Phip's been really nice, though, fetching me stuff when I took over his bed with the cat I couldn't get up (I initially went into his room just to hang out but got cold and had to get under the blankets - and then the cat got on me and of course I couldn't disturb her, and then I... fell asleep. (I did give him back the bed later when I felt better, but he was very nice about it.) Today he is using my Godiva coupon to get me chocolate for later (since I can't go out and get it) and he's promised to go with me to see Coraline and make sure I don't walk into the street or anything because of the meds. Sometimes he is a good brother.

(Has anyone else been on fentanyl for sugery? Did you see double when you woke up? Even after I got my glasses back, I said "well, that's better, but there are still two clocks on that wall" (my vision is fine now, and I was ona couple of other things, too, so who knows which one it was).



okay so I slept through the swearing in and had to watch it recorded instead of live, but I cried. I am so damn proud of my country.

This is the best spam I have ever gotten.

Sender: BigMuscle_koiduex@GayRoughnecks.com Subject: Big Muscle Men for you koiduex

My Egg is Twins!

I cracked open a single egg to find two perfectly round, just barely connected yolks. Unfortunately the connection broke as I ran about the house showing it to people, so I have no good picture of what I originally saw.


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